Truly a vault by definition, I designed this newest and biggest titanium vault in my lineup to be "snoop proof".  I designed the lid to sit totally flush with the top leaving nothing to grip with your hand to open. It has a slightly 7 sided shape that is cut into the cover that a specially designed key fits into. The odd number of sides in the lock cutout also make it nearly impossible to wedge anything in there to open it without the key. The key is not just a key disguised as a bottle opener, this bottle opener works great, is double sided so you can open bottles using either side, and is truly an international design as it will open both standard American (26mm) bottle caps and larger European (29mm) caps. Vault, lid and bottle opener key are made from solid aircraft grade titanium. Just like the standard screw top version of the Table Vault this one also has an o-ring in the bottom to protect your valuable surfaces and is neutral (un-dyed) Viton to minimize any risk of staining. The lid has a black Viton o-ring for an air and watertight seal. The bottle opener key and the bottom of the vault are engraved with my double infinity monogram logo. Available only from MonkeyEdge.com