STRIDER ARMORERS WRENCHES are now available in 2 versions. One is a STRIDER / HINDERER combo. The other is a STRIDER / SCREWDRIVER and has a ¼" socket for hex screwdriver bits. Available on MONKEY EDGE


STRIDER SPANNER BITS. Fit in any screwdriver that takes ¼" hex bits. I make these from 440c tool steel and harden and temper them right in my little shop. Made to tackle those tough pivots  but please remember to always heat your pivot to soften the thread locking compound the first time you attempt to crack it loose. After the first disassembly heat should no longer be needed. If your bit ever breaks return it to me (not the store you bought it from) for a free replacement. Available from BLUE LINE GEAR

Note that my tool bits do not fit the Strider PT model.